Principal terms for contract customers

This document seeks to help you understand the conditions that apply to your contract for the supply of energy. Please take time to read the conditions carefully.

Any terms (other than the headings or questions) printed in bold in this document are defined in Condition 25 at the end of the standard conditions.

How much will my energy cost?

The charges for your energy are shown on your contract sheets, including unit charges, standing charges, meter operator charges, security cover, VAT and climate change levy. When appropriate you will also pay a capacity charge.

Will the price I pay for energy change if I am on a fixed contract?

If you are on a fixed contract the price you pay will not change during the fixed price period unless the information you provided to us was incorrect (see conditions 5.8 and 7.5) or if your energy requirements change (see condition 8.11).

Will the price I pay for energy change if I am on a variable contract?

Yes, prices may change but no more than once every three months and we will give you 30 days’ notice of any changes.

Will I need to pay a deposit or provide security?

Depending upon the results of your credit check or if there is a deterioration in your financial circumstances you may need to pay a cash deposit at the start of, or at any time during, your contract (see conditions 4.1 and 4.3).

Will I have to pay any other charges?

Not if you meet the conditions of your contract. However, if:

  • you stop us being your registered supplier;
  • you fail to pay your bills in time;
  • you move out of your premises before the end of the fixed period; or
  • if we have to disconnect your supply;

you may have to pay our costs and losses.

What are my payment terms?

Our normal payment terms are that you must pay each bill (whether actual or estimated) within 14 days of the bill’s date by variable direct debit. If you fail to pay by direct debit you may have to pay an extra charge (see condition 6.4).

We may change your payment arrangement if you fail to keep to the agreed payment terms of payment method (see condition 4.4).

What should I do if I am planning to move?

If you plan to cease trading or move premises you should tell us as soon as possible and give us details of the new tenant or the landlord (see condition 7.2) and ensure your payments to us are up to date.

What happens at the end of my fixed contract?

At least 60 days before the end of your fixed contract we will write to you to explain your options – this is referred to as the Statement of Renewal Terms.

If you want to leave us at the end of your contract you can tell us at any time up and until 30 days before the end of your fixed contract. If we do not receive written notice from you we will continue to supply you for a further 12 months at the prices included in the Statement of Renewal Terms (see conditions 5.2 and 5.3).

If my contract allows prices to vary over its term how do I end it?

You can end your contract at any time during a variable contract by sending us 30 days’ written notice.

Where do I send notice to?

You need to send us your account details including your account number and the MPAN and/or MPRN relevant to your notice. You can e-mail your notice to us at:

Our postal address is:

Switch Business Gas & Power Ltd

85-87 High Street

Worcester WR1 2ET.

What happens after we receive your notice to end your contract?

We will confirm to you in writing the date the notice will apply from. If another supplier asks to take over your supply before the end of the fixed period or during your notice period we can, and may, prevent the transfer.

If you end your contract but do not move to a new supplier we will continue to supply you under these conditions but on our out-of-contract prices (see condition 7.6).

If you owe us charges we can object to you transferring to another supplier (see condition 3.5). If we do object to a transfer we will tell you in writing.

If I have a smart meter will you take information from it?

Yes but you may be able to ask us not to take certain information (see condition 22.5).

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