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Deemed rates

The UK legislation covering the supply of electricity or gas stipulates that when an individual takes over the responsibility of a property, they’re deemed to have entered into an agreement with the registered supplier of that property.

This means that the electricity or gas supplier is required to provide electricity to the customer and that the customer is required to pay for that electricity or gas at the supplier’s published rates until a new contract has been negotiated.

Current electricity deemed rates:

00-0000 Profile  Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate (p/kWh) Availability (p/kVA/day)
01-04 Profile 80 22.00 N/A
05-08 Profile 260 20.50 N/A
Half-Hourly 650 20.50 5.25


You can find out your electricity meter profile class by looking at the Supply Number on your electricity invoice. The first (two digit) number on the top line is your profile class.

Current gas deemed rates:

Band 00000000 Standing charge(p/day) Unit rate(p/kWh)
Band 1 95 6.1
Band 2 150 6.1
Band 3 200 6.1
Band 4+ 250 6.1


Gas bands help determine the appropriate level of pricing for each customer. Bands are determined by the Annual Quantity (AQ) – an estimated figure, derived from meter readings, of the gas usage of a site over a 12 months period.

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